Why Consider Staging for Your Rentals?

When people make decisions that involve them paying for something, they like to believe they made that choice rationally. If you ask anyone why they prefer any of the stuff they use, they will almost certainly tell you about its features and how important those are to them.

But the truth is most buying decisions are guided by emotions more than by logic. On the whole, we first fall in love with the object, and then we find reasons to explain why we feel the way we do. A lot of the processes that guide our daily decisions are visceral rather than cerebral.

Marketing professionals know this. That is why most of the advertising we see targets our emotions. The goal of advertising is to awaken desire; if people fall in love with something, they will find arguments to convince themselves to get it.

How does this apply to promoting your rental property?

The Power Of Visual Marketing In Real Estate

As a property investor, you know real estate ads are highly visual. Every seasoned landlord realizes that what people see, smell or touch is more powerful than what they read. The more positive emotions a home inspires in a buyer, the stronger their desire to buy or rent it.

That is why, as a rule, all good real estate advertising tries to bypass logic and connect with emotions. Landlords, realtors, and property managers know if they touch a customer at the level of their deepest needs, that customer will gladly hand over their money.

How can you deploy this to the fullest when marketing a rental property?

Home Staging For Rental Properties

What is home staging, and how is it connected to rental property marketing?

Staging is a strategy that uses a more holistic approach when marketing homes. Instead of merely looking at the quality of a home’s photos and videos, it also thinks of what the target audience wants to see in those videos and photos. It recognizes that customers do not care much about the size and colors of a house, as they do about the property feeling like home.

The idea of home staging is that no matter how good your pictures or videos are, they will only capture what is present in the home. If a home doesn’t already feel inviting, good pictures will not make it feel homely. Home staging, therefore, starts at the beginning by first making the home into the customers’ vision of their ideal home before it videos or photographs it.

It fuses techniques from interior design, sales psychology, visual marketing, and moviemaking to set the stage. By deploying the right kind of furniture, paint colors, lighting, or décor and placing items strategically, you create a home worthy of being featured on the covers of a home design magazine. The type of home that will make customers fall for it.

This technique helps to:
– Engage potential buyers the most.
– Lead them to make a buying decision faster.
– Help the home sell faster.
– And give homeowners a chance to make more money on their homes.

However, most people deploy it for selling homes. But, home staging is a helpful tool for marketing your rental property. A lot of property owners and managers are deploying this tactic to create terrific effects. But before you can effectively stage a home for rent, you need to be aware of how to use the technique; how staging for rent differs from staging for sale.

Staging For Rent; Making The Most Of It

Unlike staging for sale, the goal of staging for rent is to make a rental feel move-in ready. It aims to give the potential renter the feeling that a home is livable. Instead of showing the house with, more or less, empty rooms, it furnishes it and decorates it, with the goal that when a tenant steps into any of the rooms, they don’t want to leave anymore.

What are the advantages of doing this?

  1. It presents the rental as a home rather than an empty space: When you stage a rental, the prospective tenant will have to fill its rooms with their belongings. That is, inside their imaginations. Most people cannot do this well.
  2. It shows the home’s potential: By staging the rental, you give the prospective tenant a demonstration of how they can use the different areas of the house. When customers start to see what they can do with this or that space in a home, they are more likely to rent it.
  3. Attracts higher quality renters: Staging a rental will naturally attract tenants who can pay more. That is because there is a feeling that the staged home is more valuable. It leads the tenant to be willing to pay more and also stay longer in the house.


In conclusion, staging to rent is not a new marketing technique that stands on its own. Instead, it
is a way to help you get the most out of the marketing methods you already use.

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