Selling Your Home? Here’s How to Make It Look Its Best

What to Expect from a Home Staging Consultation

It is a common misconception among home sellers that you can’t stage your home with your own furniture. On the contrary, many property owners, guided by a professional home stager, use their furniture, decor, and art to create inviting spaces that buyers are attracted to.

Knowing how to present your property to show off its charms and to give potential buyers ideas about how to utilize those spaces will improve the number of buyers interested in your property, and will help you land an offer faster.

What to Expect from a Home Staging Consultation

A consultation with a professional home staging company will provide you with an assessment of your home and the best way to sell it.

The Staging Place offers Walk-n-Talk Consultations during which we will go through your home room-by-room and give you actionable recommendations on how to increase the appeal of your home to attract the most buyers possible.

Our team will plan a staging strategy that ensures your property looks its best before an open house. We will discuss with you which pieces should be left for staging and which should be put in storage, sold, or otherwise removed for the time being to ensure proper cohesion for the design. After discussing your budget, goals, and timeframe, we will suggest steps to freshen your home such as painting or renovating a particular area.

Clients will walk away from a consultation with a detailed room-by-room plan of what to do immediately to increase the appeal of their home to attract the greatest number of buyers onsite and online.

Actioning the Plan

Now that you have an action plan to follow, you may need some extra hands to get your property ready for photographs and showings. Professional staging companies offer hands-on help to property owners to stage their homes following the established action plan.

Based on your needs, they can either do a portion of the work or all, based on your specific needs.

With effective home staging, potential buyers can envision your property as their future home. We ease the headache of trying to sell your home and ensure it looks its best before it goes on the market so that you can achieve a faster sale at a better price. If you are considering home staging for your property with your own furniture, reach out to us to learn more. 

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