Is It Worth Staging Your Home during a Hot Market?

Is It Worth Staging Your Home during a Hot Market? Edmonton Alberta

Things are sizzling—and we’re not just talking about the sweltering weather! With mortgage interest rates falling well below 5% throughout 2020–2021 more people can apply for loans. The market has more buyers than houses for sale, resulting in a hot seller’s market where houses can go well over the asking price due to competition between bidders.

Are you thinking about selling your home while things are still toasty? Here’s what you need to know about home staging to land you the highest bids fast.

What is a hot market?

A hot market is when there are more buyers than available properties to sell, leading to higher competition. This makes the market favorable to sellers, as they can potentially sell their properties for higher than they would in a buyer’s market: when demand is low and there are lots of houses on the market to choose from.

A common misconception about a hot market is that it means a seller can land a faster sale. That is not always the case. Bidders could back out, or your property may simply not draw in the interest it needs. This is where home staging services come into play.

How home staging can help.

Catches the Buyers’ Eye

The way you live in a home and the way you market your home for sale is completely different. That is why the way you decorate it should reflect its intended purpose. Right now, sellers are competing with others at their own price point, not the one listed on the “for sale” sign on your lawn. So, to keep the bids coming in, professional home staging is a perfect choice.

Professional home staging allows sellers to stand out amongst the crowd both online and during a first showing. Buyers tend to choose their shortlist of houses from what they see online, so if the home is staged beautifully in the photos the buyer sees, it catches the eye and increases its chances of landing on a buyer’s “must-see” list.

Decreases Time on Market

Which is what matters most.

Faster sales mitigate the stress you would otherwise have to bear from listing your property on the market for a longer period. When you stage your home, you’ll feel confident that you’ll land a successful sale sooner.

How does staging correlate with the market temperature?

Professional home staging is a marketing strategy to help sell your home sooner for the price you are after and not defined by the current housing market. If your goal is to attract bidders fast, no matter the market, home staging is an important tool to ensure you are always putting your best foot forward in a competitive market.

Is Home Staging Worth It?

If staging creates the buzz that brings in offers above your asking price, then your money is well spent. The Staging Place has furnishings and accessories for rent that will give your place the “WOW” factor!

We offer affordable staging packages to fit everyone’s needs from a home consultation to staging a vacant property to having it fully furnished. Contact us today to arrange your consultation.

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