Why work with a stager on your short-term rentals?

Why work with a stager on your short-term rentals

Staging a property for rent isn’t easy. There is a lot that needs to be done and during this time, most property owners have it roughest. You may probably wonder why. The answer is simple. They invest in cheap staging options in a desperate hope to secure any renters.

Well guess what, clients also know exactly what they are looking for and if they can’t get it from you, they will most certainly keep looking around until they find it.

Get this…

Properties like apartments or homes are high value financial assets and just like any other asset, they need proper professional servicing to attract high end renters. Therefore, by working with a professional stager on your short-term rentals, you get a good return on your investment because you are able to attract those high end clients that other property owners are looking for.

To get a better understanding, lets look at…

The roles of a stager when helping clients stage their properties for rent

To begin with, it is worth it that you know that realtors work with professionals. Therefore, by having a well trained professional stager on your team, you increase the chances of landing a client greatly!

Here is how it works.

A stager helps ensure that you create a good first impression to your clients the moment they see you. Therefore, with one by your side, you can be sure to land a client sooner than expected.

Some of the services that a stager can offer to help get your short term rental apartments ready for rent include:

● Shopping both physically and online

● Creating design plans

● Creating comprehensive shopping lists

● Pick up newly arrived deliveries

● Dealing with issues like returning damaged goods

● Installing everything in place to make the space turn out as one beautiful masterpiece

From the above you can see that a stager helps you get more stuff done in good time in readiness for new clients. Some of what you can achieve include:

Getting more bookings

As aforementioned, one of the greatest thing you could ever get to achieve by working with a stager is getting to have more bookings for your short-term rentals.

As you know, more clients means more bookings, thereby enabling you to generate more passive income which helps you grow your real estate business. Isn’t that the ultimate dream of every real estate property owner out there?

In addition to that, by getting more bookings, you become more popular thereby attracting more high end clients. This assists you establish authority for your business therefore providing you with a better platform to deal with your business competitors.

Renting out your short-term rentals at a higher rate

As mentioned earlier, stagers help your property look good and presentable in the eyes of realtors by helping you get the house ready in good time.

We will help you with the fittings, furnishings, repairs, etc.

By helping our clients stage their short term rentals, you are able to command higher rates even if it means clients paying on a nightly basis!

Get more 5 star reviews

It is a known fact that customers/clients love associating themselves with big brands. If that is the case, then this only means that by getting 5 star reviews, more clients will want to have a taste of what you are offering just to see if the experience is worth it.

If it is, you can be sure to get more reviews which in turn helps sell you well to new prospecting customers. With a stager, you see, you have a better chance of scaing your real estate business to the next level.

That said, here are the qualities you can look out for when hiring a new stager.

Qualities to look out for when hiring a new stager

When looking for a stager, it is always advisable that you look for someone that has a proven track record of high level professionalism, competency and experience under their belts. Take a look at our reviews here!

Here are some of the qualities you can look out for when hiring a new stager to work with:


When hiring a new stager, hiring one with a good amount of years of experience could really help you get your business to the next level. To identify a stager with great experience, you simply need to look at the reviews, recommendations and the quality of work done.

In addition to that, you can also lookout for a working portfolio. If all the boxes are checked, only then can you go ahead and hire the stager. This helps you filter out stagers from hobbyists who will only end up providing you with substandard services which could end up harming your business.


As mentioned above, an experienced stager should have samples what they have already done for other clients to show. The samples should be actual photos and not stock photos taken from the internet.

Better yet, the stager should be able to provide before and after pictures of various projects to show the authenticity of their services. Here, the pictures better be cohessive with each other or you risk falling into the hands of unskilled self claimed stagers.

Market familiarity

Another thing to look out for as a short-term rentals owner is whether the stager is familiar enough with the market you are dealing with. In fact, did you know that a good stager should be familiar with clients who may be in search for what you are offering?

Yes. You read that right.

Therefore, it is worth it that you take enough time and choose the best stager to work with. This will not only ensure that you don’t fall on common pit traps that most property owners like you fall into, but also help ensure that you land the best suited client to rent your short-term rentals.


Staging a property for rent isn’t easy. However, working with a designer/stager helps create instagramable spaces with features such as feature walls and themes to help you rent and get free advertising online from your short-term rentals!

Therefore, by working with a Home Designer/Stager in Edmonton, you can easily create a design that is photo perfect because pictures sell your rentals. We will work hard to make each space perfect, impactful, and staged just right. For this and more, find out from here.

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