We want to work with you, so your home doesn’t spend longer on the market that it needs to. Carrying costs are expensive, and not to mention price reductions.

Bundle three of our services to receive 10% off.

For Vacant Properties

Vacant Staging

Did you know that vacant homes sit longer on the market as opposed to those that are staged?

Our vacant staging is affordable and hassle free. Give us a call and get your free quote today! Don’t let the decision to leave your home empty eat up the equity you have in your property.

All of our packages include furniture rental and planning, set-up, delivery and pick-up.

Packages starting at $2100

For occupied Properties

MLS Refinement Staging

A member of our team will spend up to 4 hours with you in refining the actionable items from your home assessment to prepare each room prior to photos or an Open House.

As we understand that living in the home while on the market can be challenging. During this time, we will provide you with creative, organizational solutions so you are able to prep your home within 1- hour of showings.


Full Service Occupied Staging

This service works best after an initial home assessment has been completed.

Working off the Walk-n-Talk Consultation and upon completion of all agreed upon pre-staging preparation items, we will come and complete the staging work for you. We will spend from 6-8 hours in your home styling each room to increase the appeal of your home to attract the greatest number of buyers.


Above prices do not include rentals.