What is included in a pre-reno consultation?

Pre-Reno Consultation

If you have ever taken part in renovating or designing a house, you will agree that a beautiful home does not just happen overnight; it requires planning, consultations, repairs, and more.

It, therefore, goes without saying that if you want to transform an old house into a valuable commodity, renovating it is your best shot at it. 

According to a particular research, 73% of Canadians have handled a renovation project, and the numbers are still growing. Therefore, this shouldn’t be something new to you and if it is, worry not.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about pre reno consultations, so you are better positioned to know what you need to bring the best out of your property.

What is required in a pre-reno consultation?

Before consulting with a professional, it is crucial to have an open mind about what the consultation may bring to light. For the sake of it, you should;

Find/ identify the property to remodel

To carry out a property renovation, owning one is an apparent necessity. Therefore, if you intend to buy one, you should consider factors like location, value, and level of damage, among other things.

Have or make a plan

You should know your objectives when conducting the renovation. It is vital to have an idea of how much remodelling you want to implement and the scope of transformation you wish to cover. 

On top of that, you should have an idea of the types of materials you want for the renovation. 

From all these, you see that consulting from a professional can be of great help to you in terms of helping you make the right decision.

Come up with a flexible schedule

Schedules are compulsory in most projects. However, the schedule is rarely followed in most cases because it isn’t feasible/flexible enough. 

Therefore, make sure your schedule is realistic enough by indicating and allowing enough time for a particular aspect of the project to be complete. 

Here is a great example…

If you expect your kitchen to be complete before Christmas, it is best to communicate well in advance, so your contractors know exactly what to do to beat the deadline.

Take measurements and approximations

Measurements are necessary when estimating the number of materials needed and the labor required for the remodeling.

Thus, you save time and energy because the earlier you do this, the more convenient the renovation will be.

Conduct research on potential contractors

Professionalism and reputation are vital when seeking an excellent contactor. So, do not be hasty in your decisions. Instead, conduct thorough research to ensure the contractor you choose has vast relevant experience and an excellent reputation.

Some of the things you should prioritize to look at as you search for one include:

  • The contractor’s portfolio 
  • The contractor’s history (through their cv or resume)
  • The contractor’s professional conduct (ethics). 

Therefore, make sure to take your time to get the right one for your project.

Schedule your consultation

Once you have done all your homework and feel ready to consult, reach out to us. We convey reliable and quality information that will serve you a good deal in your project. 

Our team of professionals is always ready to provide you with all the help you may require.

Brief your neighbors in advance

Living close to a construction site can be very stressful to the owner and the neighbors. Therefore, building a rapport with them is very important. You can do this by letting them know about your planned renovations well in advance. 

What happens during a pre-reno consultation?

During our time together, we will be looking at the following:

Initial assessment

The assessment involves looking at the house structure and features to come up with an idea of what can be done.

We may also have a thorough look into;

  • Your furniture style, pieces, and arrangement
  • Feature walls in the building 
  • Hard finishes and the architectural features
  • Changes you intend to implement

The definition of future design style and colour palette

After the assessment, it is crucial for us to;

  • Have a design style

It is very convenient to have an idea of what you want; even better, have the ideas accompanied by pictures.

  • Choose a colour palette

What kind of colours are you considering? Once a client gives a suggestion, we may add to their ideas because colour variations come in plenty. 

We may also have to choose a quality and reputable paint brand first, then consider the potential discounts you can take advantage of later on.

The definition of the scope of the renovation

After covering the future designs you want in the project, defining the scope of work is very important. To do so, we may need;

A defined budget for the renovation

so that we can make appropriate purchases and decisions.

Hard finishes:

  • Flooring, baseboards: 

what kind of floors do you prefer for each room? I.e., wood, stone, etc.

  • Installation pattern/backsplash: 

what patterns do you wish to have?

  • Countertops, cabinetry style, and colors in kitchens and bathrooms:

 what kinds of cabinets do you like? And what material do you want for countertops?

  • Internal and external doors:

 should they be of similar or different material?

  • Fireplace styled finishes:

 Do you wish for a modern or traditional design?

  • Trim, framing

Do you have a unique way you want your trims and frames around the house?

  • Lighting fixtures

What kind of lighting fixtures suit your home design, i.e., ceiling-mounted fixtures, e.g., chandeliers, wall-mounted fixtures, floor lamps, etc.

  • Hardware changes

Do you prefer brushed nickel over gold on your knobs? Do you intend to add decorative hardware fixtures?

  • Plumbing fixtures

Are there leaking pipes that need repair or replacement? Do you intend to change the structure of your sinks and drainage?

Steps forward after consultation

Once we are done with the consultation, what remains isn’t much. All you will need to do is:

Get appropriate insurance

Check that the head contractor has site insurance. If you are hiring subcontractors, you may need to get site insurance by yourself to cover public and employer liability and damages on site.

Protect the site from theft

Everything on the site is of value thus, it is best to prevent any potential cases of vandalism. You may need to fence /gate the property or even add locks to the doors.

Better yet, if your budget allows, you may even hire security personnel.


Consulting before embarking on renovating your property is very important. It helps you know what is needed so you can be better prepared in advance. 

Also, it enables you to budget more appropriately. That said, if you are stuck with any pending renovations, make sure to reach out to us. Our professional advice will help you get done with your project so you can move in or rent your property soonest.

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