Renovations That Give a Return on Your Investment

If you’re looking to raise the value of your home, probably because you’ll be putting it up for sale soon, you may need to get some home styling services in Edmonton, if your home is in this area of Canada. The return on investing in renovations on your home isn’t as profitable as many reality shows make you believe.

Although many people want luxury, they can’t afford it. Which is why you need to focus on what prospective buyers will appreciate and afford when renovating your home.

Generally, renovations that add some square footage and improve livelihood is what brings a return on investment in home remodelling.

Parts of the home such as the curb, kitchen, bathroom, and basement, are proven areas of the home that improve the value of homes after renovation. However, using luxury materials where they’re not needed might reduce the possibility of getting any return on investment.

Parts of the Home that Gives Return on Investment

Fixing different parts of the home will improve its outlook; however, some parts are more important than others, when it comes to giving you some return on investment after renovation. They include

The Curb

The outdoors is the first contact for prospective home buyers, and it helps them form an idea of what the inside of the house will look like. Curb appeal is one of the most important things to consider when renovating a home. Ensuring that the landscape, porch, and door, all form part of the curb appeal. Therefore, you should consider the right color your door should be.

Balancing the color and texture of your landscape, outdoor walls, and door, affects your curb appeal. However, as a general precaution, use styles and designs that aren’t foreign to your neighborhood.

The Bathroom

As one of the most important parts of the home, renovating a bathroom in your home improves the life of the occupants. While you may not need to add luxury wall tiles or bath tubs, replacing the worn-out essentials, such as vanity handles, drainage, shower, or floor, will greatly improve the value of your home.

Avoid excessive aesthetics as they may be detrimental to your goal of getting a return on investment. However, you can add simple bathroom designs, that cost little, on the walls and mirrors.

The Kitchen

One of the busiest parts of the home, the kitchen almost always needs some equipment or part that needs to be replaced. The walls may be losing their shiny appeal, the countertops may look dull, the cabinets may need some replacement doors. Whatever needs to be changed in the kitchen is an investment.

While replacing floors and countertop materials, ensure that you’re not going over the top. Simple but quality materials will give you more ROI compared to extravagant and quality materials.

The Basement

The basement is one of the most reliable places in the home to get some heat, even in the cold. As Canada is home to cold, you can be sure prospective buyers are looking to occupy homes with good heat. Also, finished basements serve as extra living space, an addition for you and the prospective home buyers.

If your basement serves as a storage of sorts, remodel it into a living area with good flooring. The extra living square footage will increase the overall value of your home, and increase your return on renovation-investment.

Factors That Affect Renovation Items to Use

Different neighbourhoods see different household items as necessities. While a high-income neighborhood sees a heated pool as a necessity, a below-average income neighborhood doesn’t care about it. Therefore, consider your locality to determine what is considered luxury, and what is considered a necessity.


To get a good return on investment on renovating your home, you should discuss your goals with some home styling services in Edmonton, to see which best suits your purpose. However, keep luxury to a minimum on renovations.

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